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About Us

Historic photo of the beginnings of McCahill's.
From small beginnings

McCahill’s Earthmoving and Supplies Pty Ltd was first started in 1958 by our father John as J.F. McCahill & Co. What started out in 1958 as trucks, sand, soil and earth moving from around 1988 onwards became mulching of green waste and developed to making organic soil and garden products.

Timber recycling at McCahill's.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  

From 2008 we saw a demand for a waste disposal option other than landfill. We started our own green waste facility where it was a cheaper option for garden contractors and the general public to drop off their green waste cheaply, which ultimately made its way into our organic garden products - a win for everyone. This is all conducted under an environmental licence ERA 53 - Composting and Soil Conditioner Manufacturing from Organic Material or Organic Waste.

Truck dumping at McCahill's.
The next step

In 2015 we saw the opportunity to accept and process inorganic waste material. We’ve applied to Environment and Heritage Protection Queensland (EHP) to amend our licence to ERA 55 - Regulated Waste Recycling and Reprocessing, and have undertaken an extensive upgrade to our facilities to safety and cleanly process this new type of waste. The end result will be a useful product that has been made from waste that would otherwise go to landfill or down the sewer system - truly recycling at its best.

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