Decorative Rocks

Emerald White

A smooth white pebble, 14mm-20mm.

Emerald Honey

Smooth, honey coloured pebbles 14mm-20mm

Emerald Gold

The warmest of our emeralds, also 14mm-20mm.

10mm Red Rock

A Red, pinkish crushed rock.

14mm Red Rock

The larger red rock when you want something a little bigger.

10mm Blue Crushed

An attractive mix of blues with hints of white and grey.

25mm Blue Crushed

Our bigger, chunkier blue rock mix for a bigger impact.

Edging Rock

Sized from 150mm upwards, it creates a natural garden edge feature.

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10mm River Rock

Our smallest size - a smooth, natural river rock you can walk on.

20mm River Rock

Our most popular decorative rock, which looks great around pavers.

25/50mm River Rock

Looks great in a natural river setting. Mix with our larger sizes to to create your own river bed.

25/75mm River Rock

Slightly bigger, it looks great in cactus gardens.

50/150mm River Rock

A bigger range of sizes for a range of executions. Used in Gabion baskets. 

75/150mm River Rock

Our biggest mix. Works well in creating creeks and can also be used for edging.

Feature Rock

When you want to make a statement! As nature intended, our range forever changes. Used to give your garden a distinctive centrepiece - anything from a waterfall to a natural garden seat.

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